Most Popular Window Trends of 2023

April 27, 2023 9:18 am

Between hardware and window treatments, windows reflect the character of your home, as well as your interior design style. Whether you’re redecorating or moving into your new home, you won’t want to miss these 5 popular window trends of 2023.

Home Window Trends of 2023

Gliding Windows

Also known as sliding windows or gliders, gliding windows open from the side instead of from the top or bottom. Your outdoor view from left to right is uninterrupted, also allowing for optimal ventilation. Gliding windows are a great fit for a contemporary aesthetic.

Double-Hung Windows

As opposed to a single-hung window, a double-hung window provides more versatility. The two operating sashes of a double-hung window move up and down, making room for ventilation at the top, bottom, or both. You’ll see double-hung windows in homes with a traditional aesthetic.

Casement Windows

A casement window opens from a side frame hinge, eliminating the need to reach up high to open or close it. It can even open up to 90 degrees, which allows for a smooth exit in case of an emergency in the home. Casement windows work best in hard-to-reach areas of your modern home.

Skylight Windows

A skylight breaks all barriers of traditional windows. A roof with a skylight window instantly adds tons of natural lighting and beautiful views of the outside world. A skylight has a way of making your contemporary home feel aligned with the natural rhythm of the sun. It also reduces the use of artificial ceiling light fixtures.

Sustainable Windows

Thanks to the creativity of window manufacturers, there are sustainable, eco-friendly options for all of the windows described above. For example, double- or triple-pane windows provide added insulation so you don’t have to crank up your heat or air conditioning. The extra panes efficiently keep extreme temperatures out of your home throughout the changing seasons.

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