Window Terms and Definitions

Double Hung – a standard window with two sashes that slide up and down

Slider – a window with two sashes that slide horizontally

Casement – a window that opens to the outside usually by turning a crank handle

Picture – a large window that is one section and does not open

Bow – a window that usually has several panels and juts out from the house

Bay – similar to a bow window with a seatboard

Garden Window – a unique window that extends out from the house and has glass all around

Sash – the part of the window that holds the glass and operates by sliding vertically or horizontally

Grids – decorative bars that divide the glass into small sections

Spacer – an insulating component of the window

U-Factor – a number that indicates rate of heat loss; lower u-factors mean better insulation

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient – the fraction of incident solar radiation that get through a window pane