About Kepo

Joe Kepic
Joe Kepic – Owner of Kepo Siding & Windows

Joe Kepic founded Kepo Siding & Windows several years after arriving in New Jersey from Slovakia. Almost twenty years later, Joe still works tirelessly to strengthen Kepo’s reputation for personal service and unmatched workmanship. Led by Joe, our skilled craftspeople have mastered¬†multiple trades and can provide solutions that less experienced installers are unable to.

Our focus is always on the relationships we have with our customers. Nothing is more satisfying than receiving a reference or hearing from a returning customer.

It all starts with Joe’s deep commitment to educating homeowners about the latest brands, materials, and installation best-practices. The more you know the better we feel.


Since starting Kepo Siding & Windows Joe has been determined to focus on educating homeowners. In New Jersey you don’t need any actual expertise to say that you are a contractor. This means that there are many high-pressure sales organizations that are not themselves installers or craftspeople.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge with you before you make important decisions about your home. We want you to understand proper installation procedures and techniques so that we can communicate with you during your remodeling.