Replacing Windows In Your NJ Home? Avoid High Pressure Sales Companies

Many national window replacement companies advertise on TV and offer very low prices. These organizations are not based in New Jersey and are driven by sales quotas. Even worse, most of the employees at these companies are not contractors. Instead they are salespeople drilled on intimidating scare tactics.Sign Contract

Unfortunately, these tactics often work. So, we have written this blog post — the first in a series on home window replacement — to alert you to deceptive practices. Here is a list of sales behavior that should raise red flags:

  • Requiring both husband and wife or “decision makers” to be present at an estimate
  • Salespeople making multiple phone calls to their “supervisors” to get a lower price approved
  • Giving you an expiration date or time for price; demanding that you sign on the spot
  • Inability to answer questions about installation procedures
  • Suspiciously low prices

When high pressure sales companies schedule appointments they want a deal closed immediately. The last thing their salespeople want to hear is that you have to talk to your husband, wife, or partner. You would be surprised how often this tactic succeeds, but it makes sense. After all, many of us might think it a nice gesture for a salesperson to want to meet with our significant other. And that’s what makes this an effective tactic.

We hope this first post in our series on home window replacement will help you steer clear of window sales people who are not contractors with actual knowledge or experience.

All blog posts are written by employees of Kepo Siding & Windows. Thank you for reading! If you have questions or would like to learn more please email or call (908) 553-5850. Kepo is a fully licensed and insured home-improvement company based in Flemington, New Jersey.

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